Meshtastic jumpstart

Install prerequisites ( as per official docs ) :

pip3 install --upgrade pytap2
pip3 install --upgrade meshtastic

Get started from scratch by factory reseting and setting radio to EU_868 band. My unit has no screen so I choose a non default PIN for pairing, if you have a screen you can keep random pin.

meshtastic --factory-reset 
meshtastic --set lora.region EU_868 --set bluetooth.enabled true  --set bluetooth.fixed_pin 121012
meshtastic --set device.role ROUTER_CLIENT --set device.debug_log_enabled true
meshtastic --set lora.tx_power 0 #Max

Choose a nice name and a 4 letters ID for your node.

meshtastic --set-owner 'NodeZero' --set-owner-short  'DAD0'

Channel config, to be done only on your first node.

meshtastic --ch-add admin
meshtastic --ch-add familly --ch-set psk random --ch-set uplink_enabled true --ch-index 2