Install Victron GuiMods via SSH

Here's a quick & deprecated way of installing kwindem GuiMods on your Victron ccgx or cerbo. The official way is called blind install and is documented in the repository but not verbose enough if anything goes wrong.

Prerequisite : SSH Access

SetupHelper is the first brick of the ecosystem allowing to update and manage package from the menus.

# Install SetupHelper
wget -qO - | tar -xzf - -C /data
mv /data/SetupHelper-latest /data/SetupHelper

If setup completed without error carry on with GuiMods the exact same way.

# Install GuiMods
wget -qO - | tar -xzf - -C /data
mv /data/GuiMods-latest/ /data/GuiMods

A reboot might be needed afterwards, but the setup script should be taking care of it for you, if not ....